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business-stock market-backgorunds-powerpoint  For several years, Q Consolidated has earned a reputation for integrity, discipline, and rapid execution by drawing on its experienced team and working with local asset managers both domestic and foreign.

  Q Consolidated manages commercial credit and real estate investments, seeking opportunities in distressed assets and distressed markets.  The firm pursues situations where it can readily identify value creation in a predictable time frame and where its core competencies and competitive advantages translate into sustainable and attractive risk-adjusted returns.  The credit strategy includes Corporate Securities in developed and emerging markets.

  The Real Estate strategy includes value-added and income oriented commercial real estate investments, residential "flips" as well as real estate loan transactions, by conducting bottom-up analysis that includes fundamental credit analysis, advanced commercial real estate valuation and proven pricing models supported by modern portfolio theory, Q Consolidated uncovers the true intrinsic value of an investment, thereby seeing opportunities where others see only risk.

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